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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Chieve ?

Chieve is a network of NFT Communities. It’s an iOS app based on web3 technologies. It is focused on the artistic movement happening in the web3 world of NFTs and decentralized communities. It embodies what web3 is all about : creativity, decentralization and technology.


What is a ChieveClub?


A ChieveClub is a community that anyone on the app can create. The main through line for all ChieveClubs is NFTs and a common interest. That common interest could be anything you are interested in and want to share with others. The common interest could be Movies so you could start a Movie Club, It could be travel, climate change, sports, gaming, house music you name it. You create the ChieveClub and anyone on the platform could join.


What is a GatedClub?


A GatedClub is a ChieveClub that someone created that would like to keep private. To be able to join that club you would need to be invited by the club creator who would send you the club token to join.


What is a ChieveLive?


A Chievelive is a live event. In real life! It's when a group of ChieveClub members want to get together and be with one another to discuss the clubs common interest (Movies, Sports, Music) and NFTs. Anyone anywhere in the world can set up a ChieveLive event. It can be at a coffee shop or a park, a conference room anywhere you want.


A ChieveLive is a great place for up and coming NFT creators who are part of the club to show their NFTs, discuss their art work and make some new fans.


ChieveClub Token/NFT


A ChieveClub Token is a utility token that can be used at ChieveLive events. Club members can show their token to any NFT creator at a ChieveLive event to receive possibly some free merchandise or NFTs from the creator


What is ChieveMint?


Any user can Mint their own NFTs right on the platform. It can be a photo or a piece of artwork you created.

What is ChieveMint AirDrop?

NFT Creators can mint up to 10 of the same NFTs and Airdrop them to the first 10 users who registered for that ChieveLive Event. This helps the NFT creator to build their brand and fanbase. 

What makes Chieve Different?


At Chieve what makes us different is that we are using web3 to bring people and communities interested in NFTs together in real life through our ChieveLive Events. It's so important today to have a platform that enables people of different backgrounds all over the world but with similar interests to come together and share, discuss and be human with one another.


From the NFT creators' point it's vital to connect with fans and make that human connection. And for the NFT enthusiast it gives them an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. To become a part of the collective. To belong.


Also by getting to know one another the NFT Creator and fan can deal directly with each other eliminating the middleman.


How does Chieve make Money?


Chieve makes money through its brand sponsors in Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Gaming...etc. Brand sponsors can sponsor a ChieveClub or ChieveLive event for a fee.


What is the environmental impact?

Chieve uses Polygon which is a proof of stake blockchain solution. When it comes to consuming energy it's much less than other chains such as Ethereum. We aim to reduce carbon footprint.


Who pays the gas fees?

At this time users do pay gas fees when a user performs certain transactions such as creating a profile, joining a chieve club, creating a chieve live. 


Why web3 ?

Web3 refers to the experience where the app is decentralized (dapp) by opposition to web2 where the app is hosted by a company on their servers. Designing a web3 application allows to store data in a decentralized way and to empower the user. It allows the design of business models that do not rely on advertising or selling user data.

Why an iOS app ?

Web3 and blockchain technologies are currently mainly used on the web, using Javascript SDKs. Hence the web3 experience is mainly on desktop. We believe that the next step for a true web3 experience is to use the tools we are closest to and always on : mobile phones. As the first target is the US, iPhone is the obvious choice for the first version of the product.

What does the app do ?

By using the app, you can build your profile (name, bio, avatar) and display your creations if you have some. These are currently fetched from the OpenSea marketplace, but other marketplaces will be supported soon.

Then you can exchange with other users about art or any topic that moves you. We have created places of expression called ChieveClubs that are made to announce or suggest a ChieveLive meeting where you can discuss, debate and explore art. Finally, users can actually meet in real life : both artists and interested users can register to a ChieveLive session very easily. You can think of the app as the modern version of a literary salon that brought so much to art and new ideas in the XVIII century.

Why not do these meetups in existing apps like Facebook or Meetup ?

ChieveClubs are actually decentralized communities. These are groups of people who can freely exchange and decide things together. There are many features we would like to add to Chieve in the next versions. It is only the beginning.

How do I start using the app ?

The only thing you need is a wallet. More and more people have a blockchain wallet but do not actually use it that much. By using our app with your wallet, you can connect and validate each operation you make on the app by signing it. You are aware of everything that is happening. Your wallet is both your means of access and your means of control.

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