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We believe communities are
the fuel of creation


That is why our main focus is on building a platform where groups of NFT creators & enthusiasts can come together
to create, engage and share with the community 


We create Utility

We want to create groups and places where NFTs can be enjoyed both online and in person. We want to offer something more than the transactional process of the marketplaces. We want to create spaces where people can interact with their NFTs. Giving them access to events and rewards.



Chieve is an iOS app! Discover new NFT creators & enthusiasts, follow and like, buy or mint your own NFTs, showcase your collection.

Create • Engage • Discover

You can create or join clubs, share your

creations, and meet people with
the same interests as you !


Chieve Clubs

NFT Communities you can join or create your own

Become a part of something bigger than yourself with ChieveClubs. Create whatever you want. The world is your oyster. Browse the ChieveClubs. Find ones right for you or create your own and build a group of NFT creators & enthusiasts.

Exchange • Discuss • Share 

Chieve Live

Live events to build fanbase and engage NFT projects

ChieveLive is the natural extension of

a ChieveClub culminating in a live in person event. Airdrop new product releases.

In Real Life Activation & Touch Points

Build your Brand

Creators • Enthusiasts • Sponsors 


Let's build together around NFTs where people invent new ways to interact.

Chieve. Launching 2022.

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Ideas ? Help us !

Creating communities
around web3


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