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Brands, Influencers and Fans let's join the NFT revolution!

Building NFT communities with Utility 

Helping Web2 enter Web3

Chieve is a Web3 platform of NFT communities with Utility. Chieve provides solutions for brands to connect with audiences and deepen fan engagement by offering Utility NFTs via an easy transition from web2 to web3. 


We create Utility

We want to create communities for brands where Utility NFTs can be enjoyed both online and in person. We want to offer something more than the transactional process of the marketplaces. We want to create communities where people can interact with their NFTs. Giving them access to events and rewards.  




Chieve is a new Web app! Discover new Brands, Influencers and Fans. Follow and like, buy or mint NFTs that gives the fan utility.

Easy • Connect • Social

Chieve removes the blockchain barriers that

exist so users and brands can focus on

conneting, socializing and deepening the experience.


Chieve Clubs

NFT Communities 

We want Brands and Fans to connect on a deeper level. And a Web3 NFT community revolving around your brand is the future. For Brands and Infulencers just getting started or for A list celebs and Forture 500 companies we can customize your club, create fan utility and supercharge you community.

Customize • Supercharge • Community

Chieve Live

Chieve helps you create live events
to appreciate your fanbase

ChieveLive events bring fans together in real-life experiences and are designed to foster a true sense of community. It's a two way street. Brands have to give back to fans and take engagement to the next level. To complete the mission of creating a feeling of belonging, this can only crystalize in a live setting. Airdrop new product releases.

In Real Life Activation & Touch Points

Build your Brand

IRL • Crystalize • Giveback 


Let's build together around NFTs where people invent new ways to interact.

Chieve. Launching 2022.


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Creating communities
around web3


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